Extra Legal

Extra Legal is the Northeastern University Law Review's online counterpart aimed at publishing legal commentaries that support legal professionals and facilitate ongoing discussion of emerging legal issues. Extra Legal publishes articles that provide practical value by explaining the law, taking bold stances on the state of the law, and posing thoughtful questions on emerging issues. Please check back often for recent postings.

If you are interested in writing an Extra Legal article, please fill out the proposal form linked below and send it as an attachment to extralegal.nulr@northeastern.edu. Feel free to contact the Online Law Review Editors at the same email address with any questions or to request more information.


Submissions for Extra Legal articles should be approximately 2,000 words in length, and not to exceed 2,500 words. The format for Extra Legal pieces is less formal than a note in a print law review. Footnotes are required when citing another's work, but the author's voice and opinions should come through. All articles will undergo a peer review process similar to a print article.

Download the Extra Legal Proposal Form